Ball Of Foot Aches

Knee pain comes in as many types of conditions as the foot pain that we have thus far discussed. The causes of knee pain are also vastly different. Arthritis is one of those causes, but there are several others, such as bursitis, gout, or ligament injuries. In some cases, knee pain can be the result of improperly aligned feet. When this is the case, inadequate arch support provided by footwear can be a contributor. High-heeled footwear can also lead to knee pain because this type of footwear does not provide adequate balance of your body weight, thus contributing to an improper posture.

Corns. A corn is actually a form of a callus - a protective layer of dead skin cells composed of a tough protein called keratin. A corn itself is cone-shaped and usually develops if a shoe rubs against the toes for a prolonged period. As the skin thickens, the corn forms a knobby core that points inward. Hard corns develop on toe joints, usually on the little toe. A shoe that squeezes the front of the foot may cause one toe to rub against another forming a corn between the toes, which is usually soft. These corns can be painful, however, if they harden and rub against each other.

The complete structure of the foot is composed of 24 bones forming a double crossing arch in the foot. There are multiple joints, ligaments and tissues intertwined around each other, contributing to the anatomy of the foot. One of the most important muscles of the foot is the plantar fascia that provides secondary support to the foot. Weight absorbing pads are also essential structures of the foot that protects it from getting hurt while walking or running. Foot pain is an indication of some problems affecting the interaction of internal muscles and its contact with the external surrounding. foot pain icd 9

Side of your foot pain may be accompanied by abnormal growths of tissue as well. This can occur on any part of the foot that is susceptible to abnormal pressure and agitation. When corns and calluses plague your foot due to over activity, this swells the area and produces pain at the site of damage. Flat Feet Shoes that are tight fitting will irritate these foot abnormalities leading to loss of function and possible even infections. Abnormal growths and foot deformations place pressure on the side of the foot, and cause it to rub against the side of shoes. This can cause quite intense side of foot pain

This is among the most common of foot injuries and is signaled by pain on the front of the heel or all along the arch. You probably have a lot of pain when you first get out of bed - it's probably murder just to walk out of your bedroom. Ditto on standing up after a long time of being seated. The pain may range anywhere from a vague pull along the arch to the impression that your arch is ripping in half (don't worry, it's not actually doing that). If you feel pain, it's plantar fasciitis.

Avoiding foot pain before it begins is the most effective way to prevent expensive surgeries later on. Despite the fact that many people disregard foot pain for weeks, pretending that the pain isn't there or hoping it would just go away are inadequate reactions to the foot pain situation. There are plenty of ways to help your feet stay strong, healthy, and pain-free with only a few changes to your daily routine. Here are a few reasons why metatarsalgia occurs, how to cure foot conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, and how minor changes, for instance using high heel insoles, can help.

A hot and cold foot treatment can help in easing sudden foot pain To do this, fill a bucket with hot water and another bucket with cold water. Soak your feet in the cold water for a few minutes and then soak them in hot water. Alternate between hot and cold water soaks for a few times and finish with a cold water soak. The hot water dilates the blood vessels in your feet and the cold water constricts it. This compress will help in boosting the blood circulation, giving you relief from foot pain.

How To Use Increase Height Inserts

heel lift inserts walgreensIf you have tried other kinds of insoles or lifts before but have found that they are noticeable and not comfortable to wear, the Levitator shoe lifts are something that you should try if you want to increase your height. They are designed to easily fit into your shoes and provide you with comfort while making you look taller. You can increase your height easily when you find the right kind of insoles to use. You can buy the insoles and shoe lifts online and have them ready to use.

Patients with heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis are often advised by doctors to wear supportive footwear whenever they bear weight so as not to strain and further injure the plantar fascia. The problem is that most footwear lacks good arch support. Podiatrists sometimes advise expensive custom made orthotic inserts for such shoes; other times they recommend patients try over-the-counter insoles. For those patients, therapeutic shoe inserts can replace the manufacturer's footbeds included in shoes with removable insoles. Unless otherwise directed by a health care provider, use orthopedic insoles in both shoes, even if the heel pain occurs only in one foot. Brands of Shoe Inserts for Heel Pain

If you are feeling plantar pain, a simple approach to assist in alleviating the stress on the fascia is to make use of arch support inserts and do plantar fasciitis exercises, that will strengthen the plantar fascia as well. One of the prescribed plantar fasciitis stretching exercises is stretching the foot before rising from bed. The Plantar Fascia will tighten while you sleep, which causes the intense pain that people feel when they get out of bed. By stretching the plantar fascia before you put pressure on it, you can help reduce the pain that you experience with your first morning steps.

While buying shoes for yourself, make sure that you don't make the decision on the visual appeal of the shoes. Buy shoes that not only fit you well, but also have other added features enabling improved arch support. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could even buy good quality orthotic shoe inserts. It is also essential that any structural foot abnormality one may be suffering from is considered while one goes shopping for footwear. One can check out custom-made orthopedic shoes that are specifically designed as per one's size. There is a great need to provide support to all parts of the foot.

Most people experience pain on the heel when they wake up in the morning and begin to walk. There is less pain and stiffness after a while; however, the pain may increase during the day. The pain can occur when you stand or sit for a long time too. The illness is caused when there is strain on the ligament that provides support to the arch. Tiny ligament tears are caused when there are repeated strains resulting in swelling and pain. Continued stretching of the plantar fascia can result in heel spur which is a bone-like development on the heel. Flat feet or high arches can be a cause.

Flat feet (pes planus) are very common across a broad range of people. The strain placed on the foot and body due to the flatness of the feet can cause numerous foot problems. Unfortunately, the necessary use of shoes at an early age to protect our feet does not allow those with flat feet grow taller to develop the muscular and structural adjustment needed to function better. The result are feet that need added structural support to prevent tendon and ligament strain, as well as delay the progression of foot deformities that are related to flat feet, such as bunions and hammertoes.

The repetitive pulling and tightening of the arch and the resultant biomechanical damage leads to a variety of foot problems. Orthotics help in reducing the over-stretching or overpronation of the arch. Shoe inserts or foot supports decrease the tension on the ligament by distributing the weight evenly. So, the bones and tissues are no longer under an immense strain. These provide support to the arches, stability to the ankle and provide the much-needed padding or cushioning for an improved shock absorption. Unlike the rubber footbeds that just act as a cushion, orthotic devices are designed to correct any type of misalignment in the foot.

Stretching the calf muscles is an important part to reducing plantar fascia tension. The calf muscles, including the gastroc and soleus, attach to the back of the heel. Tension from these muscles pulls back on the heel, causing tension on the plantar fascia. A great way to stretch the calf the first thing in the morning, before you take your first steps, is to hook a towel on the ball of your foot and while keeping the knee straight pull back on the towel. Hold the stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds and repeat a few times.

By using this type of material, the weight of the body is resisted and the insert will retain its stiffness, and therefore it's ability to alter the foot structure. Comfort is maintained despite its hardness because the insert is an exact match to the individual foot. Plastizote coverings are added to the inserts to reduce pressure and friction even further. They are commonly used in many individuals with and without diabetes to support excessive foot flattening, reduce arch ligament injury (plantar fasciitis), and treat serious foot tendonitis and spraining. For diabetics with significant foot structural abnormalities, prescription orthotics are the preferred way of protecting the foot.

Apple cider vinegar is an effective home remedy. Dip a cotton towel or cotton bandage in apple cider vinegar, fold it up and place it on your heel. Secure the towel or bandage in place with tape. Wear it regularly for a few days. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar, molasses, and baking soda and rub it on your heel spur. Applying ice to the heel and massaging the area with coconut oil are also good home remedies. A best way to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this bony growth is to immerse your feet in a warm bath of Epsom salts.

Strategies for Height Inserts

heel lift insoles for womenDo you often want to be taller and are not happy with the height that you are? You may have tried a lot of different products and techniques to try to grow taller and if you are ready to try something that really works, you can find shoe insoles that will make you look inches taller, all without having to take any kind of supplement or other procedure that is designed to make you look taller. The insoles that you can try are called the Levitator shoe lifts, and they are made to easily fit into your shoes without being able to notice that they are there.

If you have tried other kinds of insoles or lifts before but have found that they are noticeable and not comfortable to wear, the Levitator shoe lifts are something that you should try if you want to increase your height. They are designed to easily fit into your shoes and provide you with comfort while making you look taller. You can increase your height easily when you find the right kind of insoles to use. You can buy the insoles and shoe lifts online and have them ready to use.

Patients with heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis are often advised by doctors to wear supportive footwear whenever they bear weight so as not to strain and further injure the plantar fascia. The problem is that most footwear lacks good arch support. Podiatrists sometimes advise expensive custom made orthotic inserts for such shoes ; other times they recommend patients try over-the-counter insoles. For those patients, therapeutic shoe inserts can replace the manufacturer's footbeds included in shoes with removable insoles. Unless otherwise directed by a health care provider, use orthopedic insoles in both shoes , even if the heel pain occurs only in one foot.

If your foot pronates too much, the ankle rolls too far downward and inward with each step. This can cause the arch to collapse and muscles and supporting structures to overstretch and lengthen. The ligaments running from the heel to the toes become strained, often leading to inflammation along the bottom of the foot. This inflammation and heel pain is known as Plantar Fasciitis. In response, the bone may also develop a bony growth (heel spur), right in the center of the heel. This too causes heel pain and can prevent an individual from walking with ease. The best shoes for heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

If you are in search of inserts for kids, then you can consult the doctor and buy Spenco Total Support Gel - Arch Support Insoles. These supports are made of special thermoplastic gel and they also have special forefoot impact zone. These are metatarsal arch supports that provide stability and support to arches and heel of the kids. The best thing about these arch support insoles is that they have unique 3 pod cushioning system that are shock absorbent. However, all this is only possible when you will select shoes, slipper or sandals with arch supports that fits the exact foot size of the kids.

No one can imagine his/her life without feet because it is the important part of our body. Foot care is very necessary in our life. The heel lifts have been popular in the market can be attributed to the fact that the majority of the consumers has come to know using this kind of shoe embellishments as an enormous way to treat the most common foot problems. Unbelievably, using shoe insoles has proved to be the best way for people to evade foot pain and other structural defects. You can easily find shoe inserts for various kinds of occasion like for official purpose, sports day, weddings and casual wear.

I’m a construction worker and have to be on my feet most of the time. My feet never gave me any trouble until a few weeks ago when I had to carry lumber up and down stairs several times a day. After about a week on the job I noticed pain in my heel to the extent that I could barely walk. I had a vacation coming up so I thought I’d give it a rest to see if it got better. But it’s just as bad and even worse first thing in the morning. What can possibly be causing it?”

It is advisable to use proper shoes because running or walking involves strenuous movements. You can consult a physiotherapist to know the kind of motion control needed. Running shoes for plantar fasciitis provide special structural support around the heel which is not found in normal running shoes. They also have an inbuilt scientific technique to deal with pain. Some shoes do not have any supplementary devices, but instead, have an inbuilt mechanism in the sole which treats the problem. But, these shoes are very costly with a limited number of designs and styles.

These arch supports are generally available over the shelf and can be bought either online or offline depending on the choice of the person. Ideally, these come in form of shoe insoles, which can replace the existing show insoles of your sports shoes The other problem that needs to be taken a look at is how the shape of the leg changes when the person walks, the height of the arch of the leg also goes up and down with the motion. The arch support that is bought should be able to provide this required dynamic support that the feet needs.

Plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. Since this band of fibrous tissue provides support to the arch of the foot, repeated trauma to it can cause inflammation of the plantar fascia. This condition is medically referred to as plantar fasciitis. People suffering from this condition often suffer from heel pain. The pain is felt the most when one takes the first few steps in the morning. Since our feet carry our entire body weight, stress to the heel bone is most likely in case of obese people. Plantar fasciitis could also be a self-inflicted problem.

Lex Fenwick Out As Dow Jones CEO

Lex Fenwick Out As Dow Jones CEO

NEW YORK (AP) -- In an unexpected shakeup, News Corp said Tuesday that it is replacing Lex Fenwick, CEO of its Dow Jones subsidiary. The media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch said it plans to review how Dow Jones serves institutional clients.

The company named William Lewis Dow Jones' interim CEO.

News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said the review will include improvements to DJX, a product for institutions that includes a variety of services such as Factiva and the Dow Jones newswire.

Thomson said in a statement that "greater flexibility in its product offerings is likely in the short term." DJX, which has been in beta testing since its launch last year, has had a single price per user for its omnibus offering.

The product was meant to compete with rival Bloomberg's financial data and news services and was largely developed by Fenwick, who joined Dow Jones in February 2012 after 25 years at Bloomberg LP, where he held positions including that of CEO at Bloomberg Ventures.

The company had high hopes for DJX. Dow Jones' institutional clients account for about 30 percent of Dow Jones' revenue. The rest comes from consumer publications like The Wall Street Journal and Barron's magazine.

Thomson said in November that the institutional part of the business "hasn't performed to our expectations or to its potential for really almost two decades."

Sale Insider: Shoes, fashion, and books sales - The Denver Post

Sale Insider: Shoes, fashion, and books sales - The Denver Post
Murrays shoe storeMurrays shoe store (provided by murray shoe store, The Denver Post)
Feet first

Murray's Shoes in Littleton continues its Semi-annual Clearance Sale through Feb. 15. Just look for the bargain tables laden with brands such as Dansko, Earth, Orthaheel, Klogs, Merrell, Clarks and others --discounted 25 to 75 percent. The family-owned store also carries accessories, handbags and socks. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 8116 W. Bowles Ave., Unit F, Littleton, 303-972-8436,

Dot to dot
Books with red ribbonBooks with red ribbon (The Denver Post |
Eccentricity, the boutique that carries women's fashions, footwear, accessories and jewelry, has discounted its entire store at least 20 percent in January.Savings are indicated by dots --items with a red dot equal a20 percent discount, green is 30, yellow is 40 and blue is 50 percent off. Hours of the Cherry Creek North store are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. 290 Fillmore St., 303-388-8877,

Hot reads

"Sizzlin' Smoky Sale" is the theme of the three-day book sale at the Smoky Hill Library Jan. 23-25. Find books for all ages including hardback, paperback and collectibles. Hours are 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 23, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Jan. 24 and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jan. 25. Proceeds support projects and programs in the Arapahoe Library District along with equipment, materials and events.5430 S. Biscay Circle, Centennial, 303-542-7279

Free days this week

Jan. 20: Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York St.,

Jan. 22: Denver Zoo,

Each Monday, "Sale Insider" gives shoppers the inside scoop on store discounts and bargain events. Preference is given to retailers and events that have not been listed recently. To include a sale, e-mail 10-14 days in advance.

Six Established Solutions To Strengthen Human Growth Hormones Production Naturally

Nighttime also seems to be the best time to take additional supplements to increase the flow of growth hormone. UCLA researchers have found that taking the amino acid arginine and orthinine together on an empty stomach right before bedtime can boost growth hormone levels significantly. However, the amounts required to see a difference were between 40 and 60 grams, dosages too large to take in any version besides injectable form. Other factors for the height increase could be an increase in per capita income, more sanitary living conditions, better education, better health and nutrition for all family members and better social services and health systems being available.

There are principally two methods, that are used to measure the ratio of height to weight, namely, the common formula and the second one is BMI or Body Mass Index. For example, if a person is 150 cm tall then his ideal weight should be somewhere near 50 kg plus or minus 5 kg. This general notion is the best example for all formulas. There are some other formulas that have been developed on the basis of different logic. The body mass index is a value that indicates the excessive amount of mass in the human body. There are three different ways to calculate this value.amazing facts about human height

Just two days after releasing revised recommendations for changes to the Height Act that would have opened the window to future changes to D.C.'s building height limits, the National Capital Planning Commission voted to strip the proposal of its only meaningful alteration to the 1910 law and send a watered-down recommendation to Congress. The recommendations the NCPC will send to Congress would leave the Height Act almost entirely intact. The only proposed changes are a small alteration to the allowed occupancy of penthouses and the removal of some obsolete language relating to fire safety.

The size of a subtree at height $k$ is $2^k-1$.The probability of #1 is therefore $\left(\frac2^k-12^h - 1\right)^2$. The probability of #2 is $2 \left(\frac2^k-1-12^h - 1\right)^2$. The probability of the event that #1 happens and #2 does not (since #2 is a subset of #1) is thus\beginalign\Pr\text$w$ at height $k$ is lca &= \frac\left(2^k-1\right)^2 - 2\left(2^k-1-1\right)^2\left(2^h - 1\right)^2 \\&=\frac2^2k-1 - 1\left(2^h -1 \right)^2\endalignonce you work it out. (You can check that these probabilities sum to $1$.) There are $2^h-k$ nodes at height $k$. So the probability that the lca is at height $k$ is $\frac2^h+k-1 - 2^h-k\left(2^h - 1\right)^2$.about human height

It is safe to assume that the creator implied the first interpretation, but you can never be too sure on anything. The user would have had to describe it into human years because they probably simply did not understand how old dwarves are. But because dwarves live longer than humans, it is an error to describe a character as such, because a dwarf at the physical and mental equivilent of a human at twenty will still experience and learn more than a human could within those spans. Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X – Apple shaped abdomen or abdominal obesity, high triglyceride level, lower HDL levels, Higher Fasting Blood Sugar.

Meanwhile, blacks still experience more fat related disease and than whites because of the sheer number of overweight black people. By giving blacks correct BMI information at a young age, perhaps this would prevent starvation diets by healthy young people who's numbers don't fit the standard. By preventing the wieght loss and gain spiral, perhaps less blacks would end up seriously overwieght to begin with. It would also bring down the cost of health insurance for black people as weight is considered a factor in the price of health insurance policies.facts about human height

We have seen the differences in perception result in different people seeing different things and attaching different meanings to the same stimuli. Every person sees things in his or her own way and as perception becomes a person’s reality this can lead to misunderstandings. The ways which we organize and make judgements about what we have perceived is to a large extent based on our previous experiences and learning. There are cultural differences in the way the body language is perceived and interpreted. Although these explanations are rich in detail they leave unexplored the origin of women’s roles as looked at by psychologists and sociologists.

Professor Byrne told BBC News that studying elephants has helped construct a map of part of the evolutionary tree that is very distant from humans. The results form the study might also help explain the historically close bond that elephants share with humans and the ease with which they can be tamed despite the potential danger they pose to humans. The next step in the research is to determine the role an elephant's trunk plays in the animal's ability to gesture. HealthDay)—The adult obesity rate in the United States remains as high as ever, with one in three Americans carrying unhealthy amounts of weight, according to a new federal report.

Stand Up for Better Health? Maybe Not - Yahoo

Stand Up for Better Health? Maybe Not - Yahoo

Bill Seaver stands at his UpDesk most workday mornings, tapping away at his keyboard and manning the phones. The 37-year-old marketing consultant from Nashville, Tenn., bought the adjustable height desk for his home office about a year ago so he could move between sitting and standing whenever he felt like it.

"I bought it to help ease my back pain," he said. "I haven't messed up my back since I started using it."

Seaver said he loves his standing desk, which he believes has also helped him feel more fit. And if the thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon and UpDesk's website are any indication, many other Americans feel the same way.

Standing desks and their slow-moving cousins, treadmill desks, allow people to take a stand against prolonged sitting, which is so bad for your health, said experts. Some scientists have compared it to smoking. With so much movement engineered out of modern life, the idea is that rising up from your office chair and prying yourself from the couch for a few extra hours a day should lead to better health and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Marc Hamilton, a professor of inactivity physiology at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., has led numerous studies that demonstrate the health dangers of sloth. He said there is little doubt that long periods of sitting carries health risks, but he has never seen evidence directly linking the use of standing or moving desks to improved health.

"It's a creative idea, but it's not been scientifically proven," he said. "As of now, there's really no research to show they do any good."

Hamilton doesn't believe there's any harm in using a standing desk but suspects it would supply borderline health benefits at best. He doubts whether it would cause the small muscles throughout the body to contract often enough to change the bad biochemistry that arises from too little movement.

Get Outta That Chair!

"When you sit for long periods of time, there is very little contractile activity going on in the skeletal muscle, and after more than a thousand studies, we believe that small, low level contractions are very important for good health," he said.

Activities that initiate low level muscle contractions are the ones you do as you go about your everyday life without raising your heart rate or breaking a sweat, Hamilton explained. On their own, activities like standing in line, strolling to work and doing housework burn a minuscule number of calories, and just barely move the muscles, but over the course of the day, they add up.

After several hours without any such activity, studies find that the genes and enzymes regulating the amount of glucose and fat in the body diminish, resulting in fat from the bloodstream being captured and stored by fat cells all throughout the body.

The fat that wraps around the organs appears to be particularly damaging to your health. It's been linked to a wide range of major diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

Sitting for too long is not the same as exercising too little, Hamilton pointed out. A regular exercise program doesn't seem to cancel out the negative effects of minimal lifestyle movement. For example, a series of investigations done at the University of South Carolina found that men who were sedentary more than 23 hours a week had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease compared with those who reported less than 11 hours a week of sedentary activity, even if they exercised regularly.

9 Habits Worth Rethinking

Standing is probably somewhat better than sitting, Hamilton conceded. He's just not sure that it's enough to nudge someone out of the sedentary category. And if it does offer some benefit, he said that much like taking a medication, studies need to determine the correct dosage for maximum health benefits.

Kamron Kunce, a spokesman for UpDesk, stressed that the desk was meant to increase movement, not just standing.

"The height is adjustable, so you are constantly moving it up and down. That's what the consumer should be aiming for," he said.

As for moving desks like the TreadDesk in which the user strolls along at one to two miles per hour while working at a computer or doing paperwork, Hamilton said, again, there's no evidence that it provides a counterbalance to a largely couch potato existence. But he said a moving desk might lead to health improvements, provided a person uses it often enough.

"An individual might succeed with a walking desk, but is it a viable solution at the population level?" There have been a lot of home treadmills out there for a long time," he said, "and many of them are gathering dust in a basement."

Walk Don't Run For Better Health

Jerry Carr, president of TreadDesk, said he understood Hamilton's concerns over the lack of scientific evidence for standing and moving desks, but even without a scientific paper to quote, he said his clients seemed convinced.

"From the feedback we get from our customers, there is no question there are many benefits, both physical and mental, when you are up and moving instead of sitting still," he said.

Prices for standing desks start at around $500. Moving desks start at around $800 for the treadmill component, plus the cost of the desk.

Despite the cost, Seaver said buying his UpDesk was a great investment. Not only does his back feel better but he said he has more energy and has lost weight without a formal workout program.

"I'm a little surprised. I'm holding steady on my weight without any exercise," he said. "I think standing up has contributed to that."

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Eminem Acting Career Over? Marshall Mathers Drops ‘Southpaw’ Movie

Eminem Acting Career Over? Marshall Mathers Drops ‘Southpaw’ Movie

Is Eminem's acting career already over?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Eminem's hit single Berzerk is being featured on Saturday Night Football.

Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, has not had much luck at all with the Southpaw movie project. Almost a year ago filming was put on hold so Eminem could get back to recording music. He even turned down Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, which was a pretty good SciFi flick, and also bailed on a movie project called Shady Talez, which apparently would have been good for a Halloween release.

Southpaw tells "the story of left-handed boxer who wins a title but soon after suffers a personal tragedy, forcing him to reexamine and rebuild his life and win the respect of his young daughter." With Eminem gone for good Jake Gyllenhaal may take up the slack by taking the lead role.

So where does that leave Eminem's acting career? He doesn't have any other film projects or offers set up for the moment. The last time we actually saw Marshall Mathers in a movie was in 2008 for the release of Funny People.

Still, Hypable seems to think Eminem's acting career could still be a good idea:

"No one would be blamed for thinking Eminem's acting career would go the way of Ice Cube. Rappers get notoriously terrible movies (or maybe they're just notoriously terrible actors), and why would anyone think any different about 8 Mile, a movie loosely based off of Eminem's own life? Except that 8 Mile is actually good. And not only was it good, but Marshall Mathers led the movie like a veteran actor, easily switching between the comedy and the drama."

Of course, it's hard to judge how good an actor Eminem could be when he was essentially playing as himself instead of a role that's dramatically out of character for Marshall Mathers. What do you think?